LOCD Advantage:
Finances & Reinvestment


Debt-free reinvestment into our company for growth to meet the needs of our builder and multi-family clients

20+ years of professional, business-to-business builder and developer focused experience has gained us a reputation as the one of the best merchandising interior design firms in the nation

We developed our very own interior design project protocol manual and project management system to make sure we complete every task associated with our clients’ needs

We ensure our interior design team knows the latest trends and resources through trade show participation and market research

We require our interior design and procurement teams to go through time management training programs

We reinvest back into our business with personnel, product training resources, and technology

We have a track record of helping builders and developers engage future residents based on our targeted design approach

We pick up the phone to talk - it is important to know that you can call our interior design team to discuss your project needs

LOCD reinvests in our company through CapEx expenditures including:

  • Mercedes Sprinter Van, Pick-Up Truck, and SUVs for installations
  • AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) Collection by Autodesk for all our designers
  • FF&E and Project Management software

LOCD’s budget structure keeps us debt-free and not beholden to bank loans for growth or expansion

LOCD budgets for expansion for adding additional interior design and procurement professionals.